VoIP Call Termination

PABX Solutions Australia can assist you with your call termination requirements, if you have a phone system which could be a traditional PABX or a VOIP system in your business you will require either VOIP, PSTN or ISDN call termination and this is where we can assist you by offering you very cheap and competitive call rates.

Upgrade your business telephone line to VoIP today!

At PABX Solutions Australia we have our very own business grade VoIP network. We terminate calls into local infrastructure, ensuring low latency and high availability. We also use the industry standard SIP protocol and our service is compatible with almost any SIP handset/ATA/gateway device available.

PABX Solutions Australia specialises in helping businesses to migrate their business phone lines to VoIP. Whether it is installing a new native VoIP PABX with new SIP handsets, or adapting your existing PABX to use VoIP lines, we have solutions to suit almost any business. Our business telephone line VoIP solutions can cater for businesses with anywhere from 2 to 2,000 staff.

Saving money on your phone bill has never been easier with our competitive call rates:

12 cents untimed to Australian landlines
25 cents per minute to Australian mobiles
3.1 cents per minute to the United States
2.8 cents per minute to the United Kingdom

Our low-cost monthly plans will have you thinking why you haven’t made the switch to VoIP sooner

VoIP is now ready for your business, is your business ready for VoIP? Contact our sales team today for more information or to apply for business VoIP on 1300 00 VOIP (1300 00 8647).