Cisco SMB Range

Cisco is a worldwide leader in networking technologies, with a 20-year record of supporting customers of all sizes. The industry-leading, rich communications experiences provided by Cisco solutions and network connectivity are now available to small businesses as well as large corporations. Cisco IP phones are amongst the best in the world offering proven performance, reliability and security, hence why PABX Solutions Australia recommends Cisco IP phones for use with our PABX systems.

For small to medium sized businesses, the Cisco SPA 500 series IP Phones are an affordable, reliable, feature-rich and easy-to-use IP phones that are designed to improve and simplify communications across your entire company. They can be used with a variety of phone systems, including Asterisk and SIP-based hosted solutions and support a standard set of features across all phones while providing variations in line count, display type, Bluetooth and wireless options. The SPA 500 Series IP Phones deliver the premier audio experience from the handset and speakerphone that customers expect from Cisco telephony products.